Why Doesn’t It Work For Me?

How easy is it to manifest anything with the Law of Attraction?

If you read a lot of so-called experts on the Internet, you’d think manifestation is dead easy – but on the other, when you actually try it, it often seems to be really hard.

The fact that so many people claim manifestation should be easy, and the fact that you’re finding it difficult, can be extremely frustrating.

But the interesting thing is that it’s only hard because that’s how you are seeing it – as a difficult process.

You have to understand that the universe isn’t interested in testing you, or causing you to suffer lots of frustration.

To start with, the power of the universe is unlimited – yes, literally unlimited.

So if you’re really struggling, and you start trying harder and harder to manifest something, it’s almost certain that you’ve fallen into the trap of overthinking the process, complicating what you need to do, or becoming obsessed with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

And – as you might already know – that road leads to not just frustration, but dismissal of the law of attraction and everything that goes with it as a load of BS.

So at this stage, where you’re probably already trying some Law of Attraction experiments for yourself, and you may not yet have experienced much success, I want to remind you that manifestation is easy.

If your brain is fighting this, trying to make it more complicated, then a little bit of realignment of your thinking might be in order.

The Reality About Reality Creation

I’m also assuming that because you’re reading this, you probably know enough about Law of Attraction already to believe there is something in it, but you’re not yet reaching the level of proficiency and expertise you want to achieve.

So rather feeling discouraged, check out the following hints about how to stop challenges interfering with your manifestation success!

One: Feel More And Think Less

The whole Law of Attraction theory is based on one simple expression: “thoughts become things”.

That’s why so much emphasis is placed on thinking positive thoughts and maintaining your focus on what you want to achieve.

But this can be really quite anxiety producing, because while you obviously have to take responsibility for what you’re trying to manifest, there’s a difference between taking responsibility and worrying so much you move out of the emotional framework in which manifestation can succeed.

Perhaps the best way to express this is to remind you that thoughts are most important in the process of manifestation, because thoughts influence how you feel.

As you know, your success, or lack of it, at manifesting anything is probably more dependent on the emotional energy you feel than on the thought energy you generate.

However, thoughts can control how you’re feeling, so they have a BIG impact on how successful you are at creating reality!

In short, focusing too much on your thinking can disrupt the feelings that are necessary for successful manifestation.

The quickest way to be successful is to do whatever makes you feel good – so, if you’re feeling negative, do something that makes you feel good.

If your thoughts are having a negative impact on you or your belief in manifestation, do something that makes you feel good.

You see, the better you feel, the higher the level of energy you put out into the universe, and as you may expect, the higher the level of your energy, the more successful you are going to be at attracting what you want.

Of course being human, like the rest of us, you will have negative thoughts from time to time. You really shouldn’t panic about this.

If you’ve been feeling positive and expectant about your manifestation success, that positivity is going to be more powerful than a few negative thoughts here and there.

Two: Be Happy When Nothing Happens

We all know the experience of trying to manifest something, and we all know the advice about feeling good, being grateful, and living “as if” what we want is already in our life.

All of those things are designed to prime the universal energy field to manifest what we want in the physical world.

And you may well feel great as you generate this energy, perhaps as you experience some events which suggest you’re on the right track, so you feel confident about getting what you want… and then somehow, suddenly, that feeling disappears, only to be replaced by a sense of disappointment or disbelief.

Again, the solution is to do things which make you feel good.

In short, generate good feelings just for the sake of feeling good.

You don’t have to tie this to the experience of getting something you want. You just have to feel good.

You see, the point is this:  the more happy and grateful, expectant and positive you are (and all the other words that fit that part of your personality) the more you move on the road to successful manifestation. You keep your vibrations higher, and that’s what allows to consciously create reality in your life.

Three: Don’t Force Everything

Keep in mind again, please, that manifestation is based on emotional energy – in other words it’s propelled by the way you feel. The driver for the Law of Attraction is emotion rather than reason. Feelings rather thoughts, in other words.

And in addition, as you already know, you have to take some sort of action.

If you want to build a business there’s something you have to do, to bring your specific goal into reality. You don’t have to be taking big steps, but on the other hand you certainly don’t want to be sitting in your chair visualizing your objective and just looking out of the window in your spare time!

You need to take action.

But here’s the thing: sometimes you may find that the actions you take feel forced and unnatural, and they make you feel negative, disbelieving, disappointed or some other negative state of being which gets in the way of your manifestation.

Sometimes people respond to the need to take action by forcing what’s going on in the process, and this can lead to a feeling that tells you what you’re doing is forced and unnatural, perhaps unnecessary.

That will get in the way of your manifestation.

So, to repeat, action is about doing the things which make you feel good, and avoiding the things which make you feel bad.

And, if you feel bad it’s often tempting to respond with much greater activity: that’s a  response based on a belief from the culture we grow up in, where we are all taught that to be successful you have to work hard.

The real truth is that there can be gain without pain.

You can do the things which make you feel good and still expect to be successful. The old way of thinking – that “you should be doing something” is not the right way when trying to manifest reality.

This “work hard – be successful” dynamic comes from a place of fear. And it tends to result in us doing things that don’t help the process of reality creation.

So instead, if you can viscerally accept, deep in your body, and also in your mind, that you need to be doing things which make you feel good, your energy will completely change, and this change will make manifestation much easier than you could ever imagine.

Four: Avoid Mixing With The Martians!

I heard this phrase from an expert on manifestation many years ago. Martians, in this context, are the people who don’t believe, the skeptics, the doubters, the dismissers.

You really don’t want to spend your time around people who don’t believe in manifestation, and who would be very happy for you to stay in the same place in your life.

And if you MUST be around those people, then avoid at all costs discussing what you’re doing with them.

Nothing will destroy your belief in the process, your expectations, and even your happiness, faster than mixing with people whose only objective is to see you stuck in the place you’re currently in.

For one thing, most people who are not interested in manifesting reality don’t understand it, so they tend to dismiss it, and in their dismissal of it, they’ll make you doubt your sanity and ruin your belief in what you’re doing.

You’ve probably already experienced some stuff that proves the Law Of Attraction is a reality – and now you don’t need people feeding stuff into your mind that makes you feel doubtful and discouraged.

If you recall Napoleon Hill’s pioneering work Think and Grow Rich, you might remember he recommended forming what he called a “mastermind group” of people who are mutually supportive of you and each other and who are also on the route to manifesting their own reality. This is a great idea – surround yourself by people who know what you’re trying to do, why you’re doing it, and who are on the same path in life as you!