The Law of Attraction

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As we are a natural part of god, it looks as if a “divine” part of our souls is able to make our desired objectives a physical reality. Sure  enough… this is true…. but what a simplistic way of looking at manifestation by means of the law of attraction!

Only when you consider these theories deeply and seriously will you see that the complete world surrounding you in this, and in every, moment must be the result of your thinking – your ideas and beliefs, your goals and your aspirations.

For example, when it seems you are struggling financially, that can only be because at some level of the unconscious mind you hold a deep seated belief about just how little wealth you can bring into your life or how utterly worthless you are – or something along those lines.

Want a relationship? (Don’t we all!) Well, if you are not in a intimate and rewarding one to one relationship, but want to be so connected, then deep in your subconscious mind you will probably have a belief about how unlikable, unlovable, how unattractive, you are to a possible partner.

This means, as I’m certain you can accept, that what you see around you is all the product of your deeply held beliefs about the qualities (or lack of them) which you possess and exemplify.

And so, as I am sure you have guessed, this means that for you to make the laws of attraction and creation operate in your favor, your most intense feelings need to be totally aligned with the objective you’re trying to achieve, to manifest, to create in your world.

If, for example, you happen to believe that you simply come from a poor history and that lack of wealth is your unavoidable destiny, there is just no logic at all in attempting to manifest wealth, because you will fail! (At least until you have amended those negative shadow belief systems!)

Men and women often ask how they can be certain that their belief systems are in line with their desires.

To put it differently, they want to know how they can know if they are operating from deep seated and yet wholly unconscious beliefs that will prevent them from attaining their objectives.

The simplest and most empowering method of discovering the truth about this deeply puzzling questions is to do some shadow work. This enables you to imagine in your mind’s eye how you might feel if you were to achieve the outcome which you have set yourself.

For instance, maybe you want to have three hundred dollars in your savings account in six weeks’ time? OK, so relax in some private, quiet space, and visualize how it would feel if you had that – imagine the experience, feel the experience. Your bodily and emotional response will immediately reveal whether or not you genuinely believe that this financial outcome is possible. If not, you need to do some work on your shadow beliefs. This is called, unsurprisingly, shadow work. You can find a good shadow work facilitator in the UK or USA, and many other countries in the world today.

In reality, you will learn at once whether this is a realistic goal for you. If it isn’t, then you have to amend your objective until it feels completely believable. And even though belief is an unavoidable and entirely mandatory part of the rule for manifestation, there are some other components.

Another significant component of creating your physical reality is to feel some “burning” desire. Unless you really, truly, deeply, want to change your life in the way you have set out your goals and targets, and you understand why you want to do this, you are not very likely to succeed in manifesting the changes you are thinking about.

Those adults who have acquired significant success in some special area of life practically always report that they were passionate about what they are doing. And even assuming you possess total faith, and ardent desire, you still have to add two more parts to the mix to make the law of creation operate for you.

The first of those is anticipation – or expectation….. Often people don’t get the difference between what I call expectancy (also called expectation) and belief. To help you see what this really means, think of this: I may believe it is possible to somehow get a hundred million bucks in my bank account before the end of the year –  BUT I don’t truly expect that to happen!

Which means the quality of expectation is a measure of your desire to achieve your goal and your true motivation, a measure, let it be said, of what you are prepared to do to achieve your aims. But you have to believe whole-heartedly in your desired outcome being achievable. And you must desire, really, really desire, your objective. Only then will you have the power to attract a new reality. And then you can join the ranks of successful manifesters.

And the fourth element or component of this manifestation technique is taking action.

Somehow the cosmic Laws of attraction appear to be more responsive to intense emotion and will also react more effectively and rapidly to those men and women who step up to take action to achieve their desired outcome. This really doesn’t have to be the massive action recommended by Tony Robbins. You don’t have to try and move mountains in your work.

But a lot of experts who really know about manifestation techniques will say exactly the same thing: that it is necessary to take some action that will help you progress or move you in the general (or even specific) direction of your goal. And, indeed, if you find there is some challenge that seems insurmountable, and is interfering with your manifestation, then the only option open to you is to persist with what you are doing and continue on the path which opens out before you.

Video – the Great Mystery

It is perhaps as though the entity or energy we call God (or some of us call the Great Mystery) wants to have some proof that you are genuinely interested in keeping your commitment, your aspiration, to getting some desired outcome. Perhaps all of that may sound like  a major task, but it isn’t as arduous as you think! You have to merely visualize or imagine your goals for around twenty minutes each day and take at least one or two small steps every day which you believe will move you in the direction that will bring you to your objectives.

If you are willing to do these simple things, and you possess complete faith in your capacity to achieve your outcome, (which assumes your desire to manifest is intense), and also assumes that your expectancy is not only positive, but strong and persistent, you’ll find the law of attraction is the simplest way of getting what you want.