Making Money Manifest

A lot of people come to Law of Attraction with the idea of making money – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But unfortunately a lot of people also find that it doesn’t really work so well for them. Why is that, and what can we do to make the LoA more effective in producing wealth?

Keep in mind one of the governing principles of Law of Attraction is that whatever you think about consistently you will create in your life, one way or another.

Think negatively about money and you won’t attract any – or, at the very least, your thoughts will block you from creating the wealth want.

So it follows, as I’m sure you can see, that if you think about lack, or you have a fear of poverty, or a fear of being without enough money, then you’re not putting out an attitude of abundance, prosperity and expectation about money coming to you!

Think Positively

Money is such an important thing in most people’s lives, and it probably causes more people more stress than just about anything else – especially when they don’t have enough of it!

The problem is, however, that when you’re stressing about not having enough money, your financial abundance is held at bay, because your limiting beliefs are working to block the connection between you and prosperity.

The first thing that you can do to overcome this is to accept that you are completely and utterly responsible for the quality of your own life in every way.

That includes, I’m delighted to say, how much money you have in your bank account.

You Are The Creator

And the reason I wrote “I’m delighted to say” is this: because you are solely responsible for the quality of your life and everything in it, YOU have the power to change it.

Even if you’re not managing to do that at the moment, let me repeat: you have the power to change your life however you want.

So let’s start with the principle that life is simply determined by what and how you think and feel.

Therefore, don’t complain about how poor you are, instead be grateful for what you have.

Note that even in the negative framing of that instruction – “don’t complain about how poor you are” – there is negative energy. This is an example of how you can change the way you think…. think of gratitude and abundance – in other words, even if you don’t have enough right now, be grateful for what you do have.

Surely there’s plenty in your life to be grateful for?

Negativity saps your power to manifest. Negativity destroys your optimism and hope. Negativity limits the power of the universe to give you what you need.

When you think about how abundant and prosperous other people are, do you feel resentment, jealousy, envy or any other negative emotion?

Any negative emotion around wealth creation will cause your financial abundance to move further and further away from you.

You can establish pretty much how you feel about money right now by asking yourself that very question: “How do I feel about money?” Do you feel in a good place, do you feel grateful for having enough money to put food on the table?

Or do you stress about money because you don’t have enough of it and you fear having even less?

In short, your feelings about money will show you if you’re on the right track towards self-determination and the ability to manifest money easily.

If you’re constantly complaining about how broke you are, or the fact you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, you’re on the wrong line!

To attract money successfully, you have to believe that you will always be provided for, that there is enough in the world to go round.

Believe me, you are not put on this planet to struggle or suffer (financially or in any other way).

If that’s what’s happening, it’s because you’re not using the powers that your creator gave you to determine your future . When St Paul said “Jesus is within you,” what he meant was that you are the creator of your world.

Do You Doubt You Will Ever Be Rich?

I’ll give you one more example of this: Bill Gates is reported to have said “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

How powerful is that? Can you imagine having such absolute certainty about being wealthy?

What do you think your life would have been like if you’d been able to believe, completely and certainly with 100% faith, that you would one day be wealthy?

It goes without saying, doesn’t it, that you would be wealthy?

I hope you see how  changing your attitude to money, and more particularly how you feel about money, can make it flow into your life, and how you can become a magnet which attracts money, and how Law of Attraction principles start to work in your favor.

Video – Money Manifestation

I hope none of this is making you feel ashamed about your negative mindset around money – almost every one of us grew up in an environment where money was the subject of stress and worry, and often was attached to shame and guilt.

(The irony of this is that people who have lots of money can feel just as ashamed and guilty about having it as those who don’t have it feel ashamed and guilty about being poor.)

If ever there were an example of how our beliefs about the same thing can be the result of our environment and circumstances, that’s surely it.

On my check-book I have a phrase printed – courtesy of the bank, which allows me to do this – Receive more, Give more.

I sometimes wonder if it should be “Give more, Receive more”, but it doesn’t really matter: the point is that by having an attitude of belief and trust around abundant flow, it’s possible to enjoy the feeling of money coming into your life as well as the feeling of money going out of your life.

Abundance Is Flow

People who hold on to money with desperation block the flow, and are generally quite poor. (Quite poor in spirit, if not in money.)

In essence what this amounts to is that the more you are able to appreciate what you have right now, the more you will attract things to you.

Affirmations can be helpful here, some very good ones include:

  • Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • I attract abundance love and well-being
  • The more I receive the more I have to give
  • I accept value myself exactly as I am
  • My imagination is boundless
  • The universe will provide abundantly for me in every way that I need.

You can make up your own affirmations, and repeat them many times a day.

This is about generating a positive cycle of expectation, a positive cycle that reinforces the belief you can achieve whatever you want.

Remember that your world is the product of what you consistently think and feel; in particular the emotional tone of your life and – as far as attracting money is concerned – how you think and feel about money.

We can all thrive financially because that’s how it’s meant to be – that’s how our creator made the world.

And when people talk about unlimited resources being available to us all, they are correct.

Of course there are unlimited resources available to each and every one of us (at least, those if us who are capable of controlling our own thoughts).

Prosperity for all is not a matter of absolute wealth – it’s a matter of how much wealth circulates around the economy, and how quickly what goes around comes around.

If thee world’s wealth circulates freely many times a day, there’s plenty of room for you and me (and millions of other people) to be financially abundant.

Sure, this may not be so easy to believe, especially if you have been trained to think negatively in every way about money.

So here’s a tip!

Experts generally agree that it takes 30 days to change one thought pattern (or indeed any habit pattern) to another pattern.

So if you repeat your affirmations for a week and find nothing has changed, keep going.

After 30 days you’ll see changes in the way you think and feel around many things. You’ll feel more optimistic, more positive, more hopeful and happier. And you’ll have a different set of beliefs about attracting money…

And in addition, to back up this attitude of mind, simply go out and do the things you enjoy.

Obviously feeling good is hugely important in attracting anything, be it money, romance, love, or whatever!

And you don’t have to think positively about your desires, every minute of every day.

But when you find yourself thinking about what you want to attract – in this case money – make sure you’re thinking about it in a positive way, and abundance WILL come to you more easily than you ever thought possible.