History Of LoA – 2 – The Kybalion Part 2

The Kybalion

This supposedly ancient teaching is all about attracting what you want by using laws of attraction.

Attractiveness Principle Number Four

Whether or not you really believe there was an Egyptian sage called Hermes, and that he was able to pass on sacred teachings, doesn’t matter. At least I don’t think it does, because so much of what’s written in The Hermetic Texts is just simply commonsense, useful information and advice for anyone who’s interested in manifestation.

The Principle of Polarity

Masculinity and femininity are polarities, wealth and poverty are polarities, and lack and abundance are polarities. All these are simply different points on the same scale.

You might also add that spiritual evolution and lack of spiritual evolution are polarities as well. But if this is true, then raising your energy, interest and investment in the “higher” end of the spectrum might be a way of being able to manifest what you want more quickly. This is a way of using the energy of your mind to influence the universe to your advantage.

And of course it is true in a very real sense: when you think about higher things, you do tend to find they enter into your life more readily.

So, for example, if you don’t have enough money to get by on, then instead of thinking about lack and uncertainty, you need to raise your vision so that it’s focused on plenitude, wealth and abundance.

Sure, there is a difficulty here, which is that the human mind tends to focus on things which cause the most anxiety or emotional distress – and naturally enough, in a world like the one we live in, poverty can be very distressing.

Which means there is an act of faith inherent in all manifestation. Indeed, it’s actually a principle of any law of attraction: that you must believe in what you’re trying to bring about.

(If you’re interested, the other principles behind Laws of Attraction are desire, expectation and action. We’ll look at these in detail elsewhere on the site).

Keep in mind the possibility that if various aspects of your existence operate in terms of a polarity of “low to high” or “negative to positive” then you MUST be able to influence the way in which things show up in your life, which in turn means you’re able to control the interaction between your mind and the universe.

The Fifth Sacred Principle Of Attracting What You Want

According to the Kybalion, if I read it correctly, the entire universe is working in a certain rhythmic way.

What I think this means is there’s a natural order to things – in other words, events and people and places, whatever you desire, will manifest when the time is right, when the rhythm of the universe is synchronised with you.

That looks a lot like visualization and meditation to me, processes which are designed to ensure that you’re in tune with all universal Laws of Attraction and that your mental processes are working on the same rhythm as the universe.

It follows that you can’t really change the world when you’re in a vibrational energy which is polar opposite to the one you’re trying to create.

If you’re feeling depressed and trying to be happy, you have to start with slow and gradual changes in your energetic state.

If you’re feeling vibrant and buoyant, you’re ready in an energetic state which is more likely to be in harmony with the universe is desired to manifest whatever you want.

Simple, yes?

The Sixth Sacred Principle Of Attraction

Every cause has an effect, and every effect has its cause.

Well this is pretty damn’ obvious I think! But maybe the obvious needs to be restated for every generation. If I were to tell you that you are absolutely in control of what happens to you in your life, would you believe me?

The vast majority of people would probably start to blame something outside themselves – their parents, their background, their lack of this and their lack of that, their excess of this (good fortune) and their excess of that (bad fortune), the people they’ve met, the bosses who victimized them… the list is absolutely endless.

And it’s certainly true that all of these things play a part in demonstrating their own relationship of cause and effect.

For example, you marry the wrong person and you’re unhappy. You marry the right person and you’re happy.

And so obviously it’s a superficial truism to say that cause and effect run our lives.

However if you look however at the deeper truth of what this might mean, there’s an empowering and unavoidable conclusion: you are the creator of your own life.

For whatever caused you to marry the wrong person (or, hopefully, the right person) was inevitably the product of your thinking… and that, indisputably, absolutely and unutterably, is yours and yours alone!

So while “cause and effect” looks like a superficial principle which states the obvious, there is a deeper meaning to it: YOU are in fact the creator of EVERYTHING in your life.

For many people that’s not a very comfortable suggestion, and I think it can take some people a while to grasp it. There’s a kind of comfort, or perhaps more likely an “ease”, to accepting that you’re just a victim of circumstance and in fact you couldn’t possibly bear ANY responsibility for your situation in life!

But to manifest anything successfully, one of the principles that Law of Attraction will show to you is that you must take responsibility for what happens to you.

I’m not seeking to deny the influence of the past in creating who we are in the present.

What I’m trying to do is make the point that whether or not you change your life for the better depends entirely on YOU and nobody else. It is YOUR actions which will cause YOUR effects in every area of your life from now till the day you die.

To fully own the idea that you are the creator of your own life, you need to accept the fundamental truth that you are in charge of what happens to you.

As it happens, you also need to accept several other things:

  • You have created what is around you right now.
  • You have enormous power to create what is around you.
  • You can use that power in whatever way you choose.
  • Always, at the most fundamental level of human existence, there is a choice to be made between success and failure, prosperity and poverty, abundance and lack.

Very fortunately for all of us, our ability to manifest anything is not just whimsical. Law of Attraction dictates certain clear laws and principles which allow us to change reality, provided we apply them consistently.

Attracting Reality: The Seventh Sacred Principle

Hermes wrote about male and female energy as a polarity behind every aspect of universal creation. Indeed, he (or whoever actually wrote the hermetic texts) seems to have believed that every force, every energy, and every material manifestation in the world was somehow the product of male and female energy working together.

And yes, there are many traditions where male energy is the force which creates, and female energy is the force which nurtures, supports and brings things into being once the creative energy gets to work.

We don’t need to debate these things. What we actually need to do is get on with manifesting reality as best we can.

So for the sake of convenience and simplicity, all I’m going to say at this point is that rather than thinking of every event and experience as being controlled by a bipartite field of male and female energy, we can say that for every positive, outgoing energy there is a negative, static energy.

Compare, for example, the energy of desire and the energy of passive acceptance. Or perhaps the energy of hope and the energy of despair. The energy of action and the energy of inaction.

You get the idea, I’m sure.

In practical terms this means you need to be on the positive side of each of the scales to manifest anything successfully.

When you try and manifest reality using Law of Attraction, things can happen really quickly. In general, however, the speed with which they appear in your life generally depends on your desire, your belief, and the positive energy which you can put into action in the world.

So to sum up the Kybalion in the simplest possible way:

To manifest anything you must:

  • put positive energy out into the world
  • put positive energy into your visualization
  • put positive energy into your belief
  • put positive energy into your expectation of success
  • seek out positive people and surroundings who will support you in what you’re trying to achieve.

Then, by applying the principles of Laws of Attraction, you will certainly be able to succeed in manifestation.