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Making Your Intentions Manifest

Steve Pavlina has written quite a bit about the Law of Attraction on his blog, and some of his material makes interesting reading. In particular, what he says about the number one mistake people make when using the Law of Attraction.

Why The Law of Attraction Fails

This seems to be, in Steve’s opinion, all about intention.

He refers to two components of intention: first of all, the content. Second, the energy you bring to it.

how to make your intentions manifest using the law of attraction
The content and the energy are two components of intention.

Obviously, the content is simply information. It’s about what you have decided you want.

This might be, for example, a new career, a better relationship, or a specific amount of money.

But what about the energy, the second part of your intention?

Generally speaking when you read about Law of Attraction, it’s described as emotion. Often strong emotion. People talk about the need for passion, or gratitude. And they seem to imply that these are the kind of strong emotions which can send your intention out into the universe.

manifestation and law of attraction
Is the energy you feel a prerequisite to manifesting something or a product of doing so?

Steve Pavlina, however, says that the feelings or emotions you have are a result of the energy you bring to your intention.

It’s an interesting viewpoint, and one we should consider.

Before we do that however, we’ll just review what Steve has to say about the experience of failure when trying to manifest using Law of Attraction principles.

There’s no question that lots of people fail to get anything when they use the Law of Attraction. And a lot of people seem to use techniques that don’t work over and over again.

Others try it once and give up when their desires fail to manifest.

And plenty of people don’t even try, but just dismiss the Law of Attraction as nonsense right from the start.

All of these approaches are flawed.

The basic problem when Law Of Attraction doesn’t work seems to be that people aren’t energizing their intention correctly.

In other words, people think an idea (the content of their intention) is a complete intention.

But the truth is that energy is also an essential component of every intention.

This isn’t surprising, because if you think about it, anything in the world that changes form, or moves from one place to another, requires some form of energy to make the change happen.

Similarly, any manifestation using the Law of Attraction requires energy.

Now it’s absolutely true that most people who talk about law of attraction say that the strong emotions you bring to your intention are what makes your desires manifest.

But, like I said, Steve Pavlina’s view is that the emotion you feel is the result of the  thought energy you bring to your intention.

He reminds us how children bring energy to their desire for something they want. They ask for it, they jump up and down, and they’ll drive everyone crazy expressing their desires. And generally, they don’t give up very easily.

Now is that just thought energy, or is it emotion? Certainly when a child manifests what it wants (usually because somebody gets it for them) they feel strong emotion – gratitude, joy or happiness. (Or maybe disappointment if the wrong thing’s manifested.)

the role of energy in manifestation
The Law Of Attraction determines reality. But energy is everything.

So have we really all got it wrong? Are our emotions not the fuel for manifestation, but simply the product of the energy we need to bring to the process?

Well! It looks like an important question, doesn’t it?

If everyone out there talking about the Law of Attraction who is telling you that you need to bring emotional energy to your intention, and they are wrong, we need to know!

Currently we’re all trying to feel gratitude and happiness by visualizing outcomes before they’ve happened. If this is wrong, yes, we really need to know!

Steve’s explanation is that you get energy into your intention by using the concept of increased thought energy.

He makes the point that a thought like “I feel joy” doesn’t necessarily hold any emotional energy or fuel.

But if you close your eyes, and smile, perhaps move around a bit, sing a happy song, that kind of thing, you immediately begin to feel the emotion of joy. In short, it’s possible to add energy to a thought process to make it more intense. You can try this for yourself.

You can try this for yourself.  Read Steve’s article by clicking on the link. And you can read the first part of his article here

In summary, Steve’s suggesting that an intense emotion like passion does not fuel or motivate action or manifestation.

Passion, he says, isn’t the real source of drive and motivation, but merely a by-product of high levels of thought energy.

To put this another way, the ultimate cause of manifestation using the Law of Attraction is always the original intention.

When it’s backed up by high levels of energy, that is to say high levels of thought energy, you will experience more intense emotional feelings.

When these intense feelings are mixed with direct action, as well as the art of passive manifesting (asking and letting go of expectation), manifestation is simple and easy.

What does this mean in practice?

I think it means that if you hold low-energy thoughts, even with great content, they will manifest virtually nothing.

That’s perhaps one reason why affirmations are sometimes not very successful: they hold great content, but there’s no energy behind them.

On the other hand, if you hold thoughts with poor content and high energy, you feel a surge of motivation and passion which leads you to pursue them as goals. You probably recognize both these possibilities for yourself.

And very interestingly, when you hold a powerful intention that is loaded with lots of thought energy, other people can begin to pick it up and respond to it long before physical manifestation of your intention has taken place.

Finally, it’s worth reading what Steve says about developing the skill of directing energy flow. It isn’t something that happens overnight. But instant results are probably what most people who hear about the Law of Attraction expect and want to happen.

Like anything else, to make Law of Attraction work, and to learn the techniques that will allow you to manifest whatever you desire, you have to develop your skill at creating and sustaining energy flow.

Relinquish Your Will And Let The Universe Do Its Work

Heather Strang, spiritual teacher and author, writes about manifestation on Huffington Post.

She starts up by amusingly telling us how often she wanted “something” really, really badly – and that could be anything from a car, new job, loads of cash to a skinny body (and a lot more besides).

In other words, she was trying to manifest using Law of Attraction. And her vision of manifestation was to go to full throttle – to hustle, to follow leads, to network, to use all of the strategies she could think of.

And like all of us, she found that sometimes her manifestation worked, and sometimes it didn’t.

When the Law Of Attraction came up with the good, she felt there was magic happening, and when it didn’t, it seemed like… well, you probably know exactly how that feels.

After all, you’ve been trying to manifest things for ages now, and probably one of the reasons you’re reading this blog is because you haven’t succeeded in the way you would like.

Heather says something we can all relate to: sometimes it worked like magic, and sometimes no matter what she did, the thing she desired just didn’t appear in her life.

In fact, the opposite would happen: often things that she didn’t want, or things which were poor forms of what she was trying to get, would appear in her life.

And like all of us, she felt dejected and irritated that her manifestation was failing. Strangely enough, the tantrums she went into “from her inner 13-year-old” didn’t help matters at all – because, funnily enough, the universe didn’t respond by giving her what she wants.

Strange that.

However, there is something interesting in her observation about anger: high levels of energy, whether positive or negative, can really help to manifest something.

Therefore, if the energy she was displaying in a 13-year-old temper tantrum had been directed correctly it may well have manifested what she wanted!

Anyway, what she was doing didn’t work for Heather so, as all of us have done, she retreated into herself, stopped relying on the power of the universe to give her what she wanted, and became self-centred and self-reliant.

In essence, she was saying to herself something which I suspect all of us have said at one point another when our manifestation has not been going well: if she cared enough about something she assumed it would show up, and if it didn’t show up then she’d forget about it or assume something even more fantastic was on the horizon.

But what was interesting to her was that when she did that, the object of her desire often did show up – or something even more fantastic made its appearance!

Now this is really interesting, because it raises a question: as Heather herself asks, had these better things manifested because she’d raised her vibration to a level that was aligned with what she wanted?

Or were they in fact appearing at this point in time because the universe had decided this was the right moment for her to have it?

Or perhaps, as Heather Strang suggests, the manifestation by use of Law of Attraction was more to do with the very obvious fact that at this point she’d surrendered to the will of the Universe, God, Cosmic Consciousness or Universal intelligence?

You see, she makes a very valuable point in suggesting that when people are working really hard to try and make something manifest into the real world, it simply can’t happen.

Now, either you believe that or you don’t, because there is no logical explanation or scientific explanation for it, but it is an interesting idea.

What Heather suggests is that the very energy of wanting something really, really badly actually takes it further and further away from us.

Whereas if you accept the principal of allowing it to come in its own time, surrendering to the universe, then somehow you really do allow the universe to manifest what you desire much more freely.

She puts it like this: manifestation is an awesome gift that comes along with the human condition, but what we have to do is to let go – to be able to send whatever you are requesting, whatever it is that you want, out into the universe, but at the same time to be able to let it go.

In effect, this is a surrendering, a relinquishing of control, a surrendering to the power of the universe – which will then do everything necessary to manifest what you desire.

Perhaps that is the true meaning of the law of attraction?

As Heather points out, Marianne Williamson has made the observation that surrendering to God is really all about surrendering to a universe which already knows what it’s doing.

The absence of control, and the allowing of things to fall into their natural order, works much better, because the power that is greater than ourselves (god, the universe, the law of attraction, call it what you may) will take over, and will do a much better job than we could ever have done.

At its root, this is a matter of trust. It’s a matter of trust in the power of the universe, the power which is capable of holding galaxies together – and which can, we may therefore assume, handle the circumstances of our comparatively insignificant little lives.

So there you go.

You are a powerful being, but your power is partly derived from the fact that you’re a human in a universe that is infinitely powerful, that you are in fact part of that universe, and that being part of it gives you access to the universal power.

Oddly enough, though, one of the greatest powers you possess is being able to relinquish control and surrender your will.

You will observe that to do this requires a combination of various qualities which we’re talking about on this website: the desire to have something which motivates you to take action, the belief that the universe can provide it, the expectancy that you will get it, and the faith that everything will work if only you leave the universe to its own design.

Making Money Manifest

A lot of people come to Law of Attraction with the idea of making money – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But unfortunately a lot of people also find that it doesn’t really work so well for them. Why is that, and what can we do to make the LoA more effective in producing wealth?

Keep in mind one of the governing principles of Law of Attraction is that whatever you think about consistently you will create in your life, one way or another.

Think negatively about money and you won’t attract any – or, at the very least, your thoughts will block you from creating the wealth want.

So it follows, as I’m sure you can see, that if you think about lack, or you have a fear of poverty, or a fear of being without enough money, then you’re not putting out an attitude of abundance, prosperity and expectation about money coming to you!

Think Positively

Money is such an important thing in most people’s lives, and it probably causes more people more stress than just about anything else – especially when they don’t have enough of it!

The problem is, however, that when you’re stressing about not having enough money, your financial abundance is held at bay, because your limiting beliefs are working to block the connection between you and prosperity.

The first thing that you can do to overcome this is to accept that you are completely and utterly responsible for the quality of your own life in every way.

That includes, I’m delighted to say, how much money you have in your bank account.

You Are The Creator

And the reason I wrote “I’m delighted to say” is this: because you are solely responsible for the quality of your life and everything in it, YOU have the power to change it.

Even if you’re not managing to do that at the moment, let me repeat: you have the power to change your life however you want.

So let’s start with the principle that life is simply determined by what and how you think and feel.

Therefore, don’t complain about how poor you are, instead be grateful for what you have.

Note that even in the negative framing of that instruction – “don’t complain about how poor you are” – there is negative energy. This is an example of how you can change the way you think…. think of gratitude and abundance – in other words, even if you don’t have enough right now, be grateful for what you do have.

Surely there’s plenty in your life to be grateful for?

Negativity saps your power to manifest. Negativity destroys your optimism and hope. Negativity limits the power of the universe to give you what you need.

When you think about how abundant and prosperous other people are, do you feel resentment, jealousy, envy or any other negative emotion?

Any negative emotion around wealth creation will cause your financial abundance to move further and further away from you.

You can establish pretty much how you feel about money right now by asking yourself that very question: “How do I feel about money?” Do you feel in a good place, do you feel grateful for having enough money to put food on the table?

Or do you stress about money because you don’t have enough of it and you fear having even less?

In short, your feelings about money will show you if you’re on the right track towards self-determination and the ability to manifest money easily.

If you’re constantly complaining about how broke you are, or the fact you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, you’re on the wrong line!

To attract money successfully, you have to believe that you will always be provided for, that there is enough in the world to go round.

Believe me, you are not put on this planet to struggle or suffer (financially or in any other way).

If that’s what’s happening, it’s because you’re not using the powers that your creator gave you to determine your future . When St Paul said “Jesus is within you,” what he meant was that you are the creator of your world.

Do You Doubt You Will Ever Be Rich?

I’ll give you one more example of this: Bill Gates is reported to have said “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

How powerful is that? Can you imagine having such absolute certainty about being wealthy?

What do you think your life would have been like if you’d been able to believe, completely and certainly with 100% faith, that you would one day be wealthy?

It goes without saying, doesn’t it, that you would be wealthy?

I hope you see how  changing your attitude to money, and more particularly how you feel about money, can make it flow into your life, and how you can become a magnet which attracts money, and how Law of Attraction principles start to work in your favor.

Video – Money Manifestation

I hope none of this is making you feel ashamed about your negative mindset around money – almost every one of us grew up in an environment where money was the subject of stress and worry, and often was attached to shame and guilt.

(The irony of this is that people who have lots of money can feel just as ashamed and guilty about having it as those who don’t have it feel ashamed and guilty about being poor.)

If ever there were an example of how our beliefs about the same thing can be the result of our environment and circumstances, that’s surely it.

On my check-book I have a phrase printed – courtesy of the bank, which allows me to do this – Receive more, Give more.

I sometimes wonder if it should be “Give more, Receive more”, but it doesn’t really matter: the point is that by having an attitude of belief and trust around abundant flow, it’s possible to enjoy the feeling of money coming into your life as well as the feeling of money going out of your life.

Abundance Is Flow

People who hold on to money with desperation block the flow, and are generally quite poor. (Quite poor in spirit, if not in money.)

In essence what this amounts to is that the more you are able to appreciate what you have right now, the more you will attract things to you.

Affirmations can be helpful here, some very good ones include:

  • Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • I attract abundance love and well-being
  • The more I receive the more I have to give
  • I accept value myself exactly as I am
  • My imagination is boundless
  • The universe will provide abundantly for me in every way that I need.

You can make up your own affirmations, and repeat them many times a day.

This is about generating a positive cycle of expectation, a positive cycle that reinforces the belief you can achieve whatever you want.

Remember that your world is the product of what you consistently think and feel; in particular the emotional tone of your life and – as far as attracting money is concerned – how you think and feel about money.

We can all thrive financially because that’s how it’s meant to be – that’s how our creator made the world.

And when people talk about unlimited resources being available to us all, they are correct.

Of course there are unlimited resources available to each and every one of us (at least, those if us who are capable of controlling our own thoughts).

Prosperity for all is not a matter of absolute wealth – it’s a matter of how much wealth circulates around the economy, and how quickly what goes around comes around.

If thee world’s wealth circulates freely many times a day, there’s plenty of room for you and me (and millions of other people) to be financially abundant.

Sure, this may not be so easy to believe, especially if you have been trained to think negatively in every way about money.

So here’s a tip!

Experts generally agree that it takes 30 days to change one thought pattern (or indeed any habit pattern) to another pattern.

So if you repeat your affirmations for a week and find nothing has changed, keep going.

After 30 days you’ll see changes in the way you think and feel around many things. You’ll feel more optimistic, more positive, more hopeful and happier. And you’ll have a different set of beliefs about attracting money…

And in addition, to back up this attitude of mind, simply go out and do the things you enjoy.

Obviously feeling good is hugely important in attracting anything, be it money, romance, love, or whatever!

And you don’t have to think positively about your desires, every minute of every day.

But when you find yourself thinking about what you want to attract – in this case money – make sure you’re thinking about it in a positive way, and abundance WILL come to you more easily than you ever thought possible.

Why Doesn’t It Work For Me?

How easy is it to manifest anything with the Law of Attraction?

If you read a lot of so-called experts on the Internet, you’d think manifestation is dead easy – but on the other, when you actually try it, it often seems to be really hard.

The fact that so many people claim manifestation should be easy, and the fact that you’re finding it difficult, can be extremely frustrating.

But the interesting thing is that it’s only hard because that’s how you are seeing it – as a difficult process.

You have to understand that the universe isn’t interested in testing you, or causing you to suffer lots of frustration.

To start with, the power of the universe is unlimited – yes, literally unlimited.

So if you’re really struggling, and you start trying harder and harder to manifest something, it’s almost certain that you’ve fallen into the trap of overthinking the process, complicating what you need to do, or becoming obsessed with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

diagram of the interaction of facts and belief
Separate the BS from the facts and make manifestation easy!

And – as you might already know – that road leads to not just frustration, but dismissal of the law of attraction and everything that goes with it as a load of BS.

So at this stage, where you’re probably already trying some Law of Attraction experiments for yourself, and you may not yet have experienced much success, I want to remind you that manifestation is easy.

If your brain is fighting this, trying to make it more complicated, then a little bit of realignment of your thinking might be in order.

The Reality About Reality Creation

I’m also assuming that because you’re reading this, you probably know enough about Law of Attraction already to believe there is something in it, but you’re not yet reaching the level of proficiency and expertise you want to achieve.

So rather feeling discouraged, check out the following hints about how to stop challenges interfering with your manifestation success!

One: Feel More And Think Less

The whole Law of Attraction theory is based on one simple expression: “thoughts become things”.

That’s why so much emphasis is placed on thinking positive thoughts and maintaining your focus on what you want to achieve.

But this can be really quite anxiety producing, because while you obviously have to take responsibility for what you’re trying to manifest, there’s a difference between taking responsibility and worrying so much you move out of the emotional framework in which manifestation can succeed.

Perhaps the best way to express this is to remind you that thoughts are most important in the process of manifestation, because thoughts influence how you feel.

signboard saying success starts here
Does success start with thoughts or feelings?

As you know, your success, or lack of it, at manifesting anything is probably more dependent on the emotional energy you feel than on the thought energy you generate.

However, thoughts can control how you’re feeling, so they have a BIG impact on how successful you are at creating reality!

In short, focusing too much on your thinking can disrupt the feelings that are necessary for successful manifestation.

The quickest way to be successful is to do whatever makes you feel good – so, if you’re feeling negative, do something that makes you feel good.

If your thoughts are having a negative impact on you or your belief in manifestation, do something that makes you feel good.

You see, the better you feel, the higher the level of energy you put out into the universe, and as you may expect, the higher the level of your energy, the more successful you are going to be at attracting what you want.

Of course being human, like the rest of us, you will have negative thoughts from time to time. You really shouldn’t panic about this.

If you’ve been feeling positive and expectant about your manifestation success, that positivity is going to be more powerful than a few negative thoughts here and there.

Two: Be Happy When Nothing Happens

We all know the experience of trying to manifest something, and we all know the advice about feeling good, being grateful, and living “as if” what we want is already in our life.

All of those things are designed to prime the universal energy field to manifest what we want in the physical world.

And you may well feel great as you generate this energy, perhaps as you experience some events which suggest you’re on the right track, so you feel confident about getting what you want… and then somehow, suddenly, that feeling disappears, only to be replaced by a sense of disappointment or disbelief.

woman leaping for joy
Be happy, just because….

Again, the solution is to do things which make you feel good.

In short, generate good feelings just for the sake of feeling good.

You don’t have to tie this to the experience of getting something you want. You just have to feel good.

You see, the point is this:  the more happy and grateful, expectant and positive you are (and all the other words that fit that part of your personality) the more you move on the road to successful manifestation. You keep your vibrations higher, and that’s what allows to consciously create reality in your life.

Three: Don’t Force Everything

Keep in mind again, please, that manifestation is based on emotional energy – in other words it’s propelled by the way you feel. The driver for the Law of Attraction is emotion rather than reason. Feelings rather thoughts, in other words.

And in addition, as you already know, you have to take some sort of action.

If you want to build a business there’s something you have to do, to bring your specific goal into reality. You don’t have to be taking big steps, but on the other hand you certainly don’t want to be sitting in your chair visualizing your objective and just looking out of the window in your spare time!

You need to take action.

But here’s the thing: sometimes you may find that the actions you take feel forced and unnatural, and they make you feel negative, disbelieving, disappointed or some other negative state of being which gets in the way of your manifestation.

Sometimes people respond to the need to take action by forcing what’s going on in the process, and this can lead to a feeling that tells you what you’re doing is forced and unnatural, perhaps unnecessary.

That will get in the way of your manifestation.

So, to repeat, action is about doing the things which make you feel good, and avoiding the things which make you feel bad.

And, if you feel bad it’s often tempting to respond with much greater activity: that’s a  response based on a belief from the culture we grow up in, where we are all taught that to be successful you have to work hard.

The real truth is that there can be gain without pain.

You can do the things which make you feel good and still expect to be successful. The old way of thinking – that “you should be doing something” is not the right way when trying to manifest reality.

This “work hard – be successful” dynamic comes from a place of fear. And it tends to result in us doing things that don’t help the process of reality creation.

So instead, if you can viscerally accept, deep in your body, and also in your mind, that you need to be doing things which make you feel good, your energy will completely change, and this change will make manifestation much easier than you could ever imagine.

Four: Avoid Mixing With The Martians!

I heard this phrase from an expert on manifestation many years ago. Martians, in this context, are the people who don’t believe, the skeptics, the doubters, the dismissers.

You really don’t want to spend your time around people who don’t believe in manifestation, and who would be very happy for you to stay in the same place in your life.

And if you MUST be around those people, then avoid at all costs discussing what you’re doing with them.

Nothing will destroy your belief in the process, your expectations, and even your happiness, faster than mixing with people whose only objective is to see you stuck in the place you’re currently in.

For one thing, most people who are not interested in manifesting reality don’t understand it, so they tend to dismiss it, and in their dismissal of it, they’ll make you doubt your sanity and ruin your belief in what you’re doing.

You’ve probably already experienced some stuff that proves the Law Of Attraction is a reality – and now you don’t need people feeding stuff into your mind that makes you feel doubtful and discouraged.

If you recall Napoleon Hill’s pioneering work Think and Grow Rich, you might remember he recommended forming what he called a “mastermind group” of people who are mutually supportive of you and each other and who are also on the route to manifesting their own reality. This is a great idea – surround yourself by people who know what you’re trying to do, why you’re doing it, and who are on the same path in life as you!