Law of Attraction & Manifestation – An Introduction

You may be wondering what the differences are between manifestation and Law of Attraction….

Manifestation Is Attracting Reality

One of the things almost everyone wants to know when they are hoping to use manifestation to improve their lives is exactly how we define manifestation and Law of Attraction.

It’s simple, really. Think of manifestation as a word which means “we have the ability to create reality with the power of our minds”.

[ Elsewhere, we’ll give you exact descriptions of how you can do this, but to give you a quick preview into the methodology, it’s all about (1) setting an objective;  (2) visualizing that objective in great detail; (3) empowering the visualization with emotional energy such as gratitude and joy, and then (4) sitting back in the expectation of your desired objective appearing (sometimes mysteriously, often unexpectedly) in your world. ]

That really is a very basic definition, and as you might imagine in practice it’s a little bit more complicated! For one thing, you have to overcome any limiting beliefs which will prevent you from manifesting your desires, simply because they stop you believing it’s even possible to get what you want… and such thoughts kill the process.


That’s the essence of manifestation: it’s the ability to create your reality using the power of intention.

And before I talk about the definition of Law of Attraction, I want to put the whole idea into context, because a lot of people find it difficult to believe they have the power to affect reality using the power of their minds.

manifestation and law of attraction
You hold the world in your hands – literally!

Think of it this way: every single constructed entity or man-made object in the world today, everything you see, everything you feel, and everything you sense, started out as a thought in somebody’s mind.

(That’s true for all man-made objects. For objects in the natural world, everything started out as some kind of germinal essence – a seed, or a sperm and egg with a genetic code. Those aren’t so different to thought energy, but here we’re talking about the ability of men and women to create or make objects or to adapt our environment.)

So let’s take for a moment the proposition that everything in the world started out as an idea in somebody’s mind. 

In between that thought and the reality of what you see around you, there was a visualization of the finished object and a plan, a goal to have that object or thing created in a certain way by certain time, followed by the belief that it could be done, the expectation that it would be done, and the action required to make it happen, so it appeared in the world.

It’s a misunderstanding that manifestation is something which happens when you sit back, relax, visualize and wait for it your desired objective to appear in the world.

You need to take action, to do something first!

And it’s the action you take which causes the other processes you’ve engaged in – goal setting, visualization, and energizing your mental images – – to create a new reality in the world.

How does this happen? We’ll look at the mechanisms of manifestation elsewhere, but – briefly – essentially it’s an energetic process whereby the energy of your mind and emotions affect the primary energetic field of the universe, the source from which every physical thing emerges.

But, for the moment,  we’re more concerned more with definition than with explanation, so let’s now look at the definition of Law of Attraction.

Attraction Defined

The Law of Attraction is undoubtedly “new-age thinking”. In fact, it’s a product of the human urge to classify everything in the world so we can make sense of it.

If you think of one of the well-known laws of physics, like the Law of Action and Reaction, it’s a way of describing what happens in certain circumstances.

The Law of Action and Reaction states that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”: 

This statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the force on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. The direction of the force on the first object is opposite to the direction of the force on the second object. Forces always come in pairs – equal and opposite “action-reaction” force pairs. 

Having a “Law” means we can predict what will happen in certain circumstances when certain things occur together. Laws are basically rules – they describe events which always occur in a certain way under certain conditions, and have been consistently demonstrated for so long, with such certainty, that they can be described as a law rather than a theory.

Law Of Attraction determines reality. But belief is everything.
Law Of Attraction determines reality. But belief is everything.

In the same way, Law of Attraction is a set of rules which define how manifestation happens – in other words, the Law of Attraction (or Laws, if you prefer to be exact) are the rules which determine what you have to do and how you have to do it to make manifestation a genuine reality in your life.

There’s nothing to get hung up about when you hear this terminology or jargon: it’s just convenient to be able to say that the Law of Attraction is a known set of rules which determine when and how manifestation happens. Simple, yes?


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